Detailed schedule available here

01.09.2023 Opening of applications
31.10.2023 Tuesday 23:59 Closing of applications
05.11.2023 Sunday Publication of bulletin no. 2
07.11.2023 Tuesday 08:00 Solo Freestyle Deadline for delivery of video of free routines to the chief judge (no later than 72 hours before the start of the competition). Also, please provide music on time (to the organizer, not to the main judge).
09.11.2022 Thursday Official training day speed tests and team photo session
Note: one-minute speed tests are only available to new teams and must be confirmed via email.


Meeting of players and briefing of FS and VFS. Then the meeting of Freestyle, Solo Speed and Dynamic competitors (around 20:00)

22:00* OR after the team’s last official practice/speed flight) – publication of the draw for all FS4, VFS and FS2 categories. The draw will be conducted by the InTime system under the supervision of the Chief Judge.
10.11.2023 Friday 08:00* The start of the competition
Day 1 of the Competition:
FS 2 way – minimum 5 rounds
FS 4 way, VFS – minimum of 7 rounds
Freestyle – minimum 3 rounds
Solo Speed – depending on the number of entries
Dynamic 2DW, 4DW – Qualifying rounds/Rounds.
20:00 End of the first day of the competition, Social event.
11.11.2023 Saturday 09:00* Day 2 of the Competition – First Flight
14:58 Completion of competition flights
15:00 Playground Challenge
19:00 Award Ceremony