These are open competitions.

The number of participating teams is unlimited, as long as they allow the competition to be played at the appointed time.

No FAI sports license is required for entry.


The competition will be conducted by 3 FAI FS / VFS licensed judges. The day before the judging team will be available at Flyspot Katowice. On that day, each team will be able to ask the judges to evaluate a maximum of two training flights (the training round schedule will be published at a later date).


Applications for the competition are accepted until November 7 only via the Application Form.

The registration fee for the team depending on the category is:

Until September 30, 2022:
– FS4 / VFS / D4W – EUR 299 gross
– Freestyle solo – EUR 199 gross
– Solo Speed ​​- EUR 199 gross
– FS2 / D2W – EUR 249 gross

From October 1 – October 31, 2022:
– FS4 / VFS / D4W – EUR 599 gross
– Freestyle solo – EUR 399 gross
– Solo Speed ​​- EUR 399 gross
– FS2 / D2W – EUR 499 gross

From 1-7 November 2022:

– FS4 / VFS / D4W – EUR 799 gross
– Freestyle solo – 499 EUR gross
– Solo Speed ​​- 499 EUR gross
– FS2 / D2W – EUR 599 gross

Competitors may participate in more than one event. Participation in each subsequent competition: starting fee -50%.

After submitting the application, the team captain will receive an e-mail confirmation of registration and data for transferring the receivables. All communication between the clerk of the course and the teams will be via the e-mail address provided during registration.

To reserve time for training, please contact


All participants are required to have a helmet and equipment that complies with the current FAI Sporting Code.

Competitions are conducted and assessed in accordance with the current FAI regulations, with the exception of the following local / internal rules:

1. Each team is obliged to put on the helmets the players indicated by the organizer and in accordance with the instructions provided by the organizer received during registration:
a. RFID Tags
b. Starting numbers
A team that does not comply with this requirement will be awarded zero points for the relevant round. This principle is not subject to the right to protest.

2. Each team is responsible for managing the time and has enough time to prepare and execute the flight. A team entering the tunnel too early, before the time indicated for it, will receive zero points in the given round. This principle is not subject to the right to protest.

3. The three-member jury will delegate one who is present. The other two members remain in mobile contact when decisions are needed.

4. FS 2-way Advanced is assessed according to internal Flyspot rules available on the Flyspot Open website.

Regulations will appear soon.


Each category is open to players of any nationality.
Team members can be of any nationality and gender.
Each team member should have experience flying in a wind tunnel.
Each team can report one substitute before the competition starts.
Each competitor may be a member of only one team registered in a given category.

The price for training before the competition is 500 EUR / h gross for the teams participating in the competition.


The protest fee is EUR 15 / PLN 50.