The competition will be conducted by the panel of 3 licensed FAI FS/VFS judges. The judges will be available since morning on Wednesday, November 17 th . On that day, each team will be able to request be judged on the maximum of two practice flights (the plan for the training rounds will be published later).


Admission is only possible until the 31 of October, 2021 through Registration Form.

To begin the application process fill out and submit the registration form. Admission fees:

Until the 15 th of October, 2021:
– FS4 / VFS /D4W – 299 EUR gross
– Freestyle solo – 199 EUR gross
– Solo Speed – 199 EUR gross
– FS2/ D2W – 249 EUR gross

From 15- 31 of October, 2021:
– FS4 / VFS /D4W – 599 EUR gross
– Freestyle solo – 399 EUR gross
– Solo Speed – 399 EUR gross
– FS2/ D2W – 499 EUR gross

In order to reserve your practice time, please contact us at


The 4-way FS and VFS competitions are conducted according to the „FAI IPC Competition Rules for Indoor Formation Skydiving and Indoor Vertical Formation
Skydiving rules, 2018 edition (the bulletin’s Annex A). The 2-way FS competition has not been described in the above document, however, this competition will be
conducted in the spirit and according to the rules of the very document as well. The
2-way FS Divepool has been described in the bulletin’s Annex B. As far as the FAI
Sporting Section 5 (Parachuting), 2018 edition apply (the bulletin’s Annex C). Each
team will have 60 seconds per round. The blue light will turn on after 45 seconds for 15 seconds. The team should leave the chamber within that time frame. The
competition’s director and the chief judge can come to a mutual agreement on any additional changes to the rules. All participants will be informed of any changes should such occur.


  • Each category is available to the participants of any nationality. Team members can be of any nationality and gender.
  • Each team member should be experienced in flying in the wind tunnel.
  • Each team member can add a benchwarmer before the competition begins.
  • Each participant can be a member of only one team in a given category.
  • Along with competing in the OPEN category, Polish team with the highest score in each category will win the Polish Indoor Skydiving Champion title (a valid FAI sport license required from each team member).


The price for the pre-competition training is 450 EUR/h gross for each participating team.


The fee is 15 EUR/50 PLN.